A Taste of Rainbow

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Author: Tam Wai Jia

A Taste of Rainbow is the title of Wai Jia’s 2nd book, published to raise awareness about eating disorders and youth issues, after her courageous recovery from anorexia and depression.

Unlike what many may think, anorexia is not a weakness or vanity. Rather, sufferers struggle with their body image because they are hurting inside. As eating disorders increase round the world among younger people at an alarming rate, we have a responsibility to encourage those suffering to overcome their fears to seek help.

About Wai Jia
Wai Jia’s extensive medical & humanitarian work internationally has been recognised through the Singapore Woman Award Honoree 2015 and Young Outstanding Singaporean Award 2011. Most recently, she was awarded as an honoree of Forbes Asia’s inaugural “30 under 30” list in 2016, as one of 30 outstanding young changemakers in the Healthcare & Science category.

Currently, she is pursuing a Masters of Public Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a Fulbright Scholar and Lee Kuan Yew Scholar, in her journey to better serve the needy.

A writer and illustrator of 4 books, her journey of overcoming depression and anorexia inspires many today. Having recovered, she went on to serve as a medical missionary for a year in Africa and was featured on Channel News Asia in their documentary series in 2015 as a Singaporean making outstanding contributions abroad.

A sought-after speaker on various national platforms, her passion is to impact our next generation to be emotionally resilient, socially-concious, and globally-minded changemakers of tomorrow.

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